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LIALASH™ was established in 2014 by Lia Juhas, who is an award winning expert Eyelash Technician, International Educator, Judge and Speaker. Since 2013, Lia has attended numerous courses worldwide, gaining an extensive knowledge of the beauty industry. She is recognized as one of the leading artists in North America, whose greatest passion is to educate, motivate and inspire others.

Lia's high attention to detail, experience and aim for perfection enables her to effectively impart her knowledge onto others, delivering outstanding training and thus creating new lash professionals.
Over 500 students trained, worldwide! ​

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International Judge & Speaker

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"Too many people sacrifice their dreams due to societal programming and financial standards.

Starting out as a single mom with $27 in my bank account, to 6 figures in 2 years (with no formal education), I am here to show you that you, too, can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. Including making money doing what you love!

Lashing is my outlet that allowed me to share this message with others, so they too, can live a happier and healthier life.

Plus, I love making people feel more confident!

- Lia Juhas


What students had to say..

Josie C.

Lia’s Training was amazing from start to finish. She is an expert at her craft. Not only was she personable, she truly wanted me to succeed in the volume technique and did not hold back any knowledge or information, which says a lot. I would recommend Lia’s training to anybody looking to start a career in the lash industry or to advance their skills in the volume technique. Thank you Lia!!!

Chantelle P.

Absolutely amazing! Took the classics course in Toronto and was blown away. Not only did I receive training on how to apply classics but I was given insightful business information. The knowledge shared was priceless.

Christine B.

What can I say, she is simply the best! Lia is extremely knowledgeable, patient and most of all instilled my confidence. Thank you for believing in my talent and sharing your gift. See you soon for volume training!

Jessica R.

Training with Lia was a fantastic experience! She is definitely one of the best. I did refresher training with her and I only wish I had been able to do my initial training with her also! I highly recommend training with Lia to anyone from beginner to pro.

" Let your passion fuel your drive." - Lia Juhas