How To Start, Plan and Grow Your Lash Business in 6 Weeks
with 1 on 1 Private Business Coaching

Want to stand out in the Lash Industry? Let us show you how!


No matter how good your skills are, your business needs a professional look in order to make the clients notice you and bring them through the doors.

But where do you start?
What do you do?

There’s so much when it comes to running a business: social media, websites, marketing, policies, organization.. it can be overwhelming! Most people choose to hire experts to solve this problem, which could cost them thousands of dollars!

But what do you do when you don’t have the finances to fund the means?

With LIALASH’s new Businesses 101 course, we will teach you how to run your business smoothly, by saving you so much time
AND money!

In this course you will learn:

• How to build your own website and upkeep it without hiring professionals or needing to learn coding
• How to create your own logo, branding and create a consistency throughout your company that clients will remember you by
• Competitor analysis and business strategies
• How to narrow down your target audience and attract the clients that will make you love your job
• How to create marketing content
• Strategic pricing and ways to bring more clients in and retain existent ones
• How to set up online booking and create scheduling systems that will save you tons of time
• How to register your business, get domains and web hosting
• How to come up with a business name that you won’t regret in the future
• How to create a beautiful portfolio that will make you stand out from the rest
• How to set up social media and create an amazing first impression
• How to create a social media plan that doesn’t feel like a full time job
• How to keep track of all your clients, forms and formulas
• How to create better customer experience, increasing return client rate
• How to set up an email list and do email marketing
• How to set up marketing strategies that will grow your clientele without devaluing your business
• And many other resources that will help your business thrive! 

Course Structure:

In this course you will get live 1:1 video sessions with a mentor including lessons plans, strategies and systems in every session. We will guide you step by step using all of our wealth of knowledge to help you create a business that stands out from the rest. With weekly / by-weekly sessions, you will be encouraged to meet deadlines, executing all projects, which will unravel your business right in front of your eyes within a very short amount of time.

After each session, you will be given homework. Once completed, we will go over and review, giving feedback and improvement of your of actions. Besides recorded video sessions, you will also be given session notes and all links used that you can look back at any time to remind yourself of all the details that you went over during training, for quick access.

Course does not cover resource fee (price to register business, website hosting and domain, studio setup, etc)

You'll Receive: 

5 x 1h private mentorship sessions 

All resources needed to start your business

Homework, feedback, support and accountability 

A little preview of what our course consists of:

What our students had to say: 

“After this session, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (for branding). It's all coming together and it was very helpful when Lia helped break branding into the smaller sections/tasks. Once we were able to check off some of the completed branding tasks, I can confidently say my branding is somewhat coming together - if you asked me before, I was a deer in headlights (confused and stuck in one spot until Lia helped guide me in the right direction).”

“Great session this week - I was able to check off two sections (logo and mission/vision) and great feedback from Lia. She provided suggestions and advice which I will take back to finalize it. Next main topic we covered was Website planning/building; Lia provided knowledge on how to get started when creating a website i.e. web host, visuals for website. She has been consistently helping me stay on track and keeping me accountable to my goals!”

“Lia gave real life examples of some of the topics she was talking about and gave tips she uses personally - which made it easier to understand and helpful when creating the business i.e. how she collects reviews from her clients and different ways you can do so. She also walked me through how to set up the online scheduling account and showed how to utilize the application when booking clients (which was super helpful)! It's nice to have an accountability buddy to make sure I am on track and guide me to move forward whenever I am stuck on something.”

Business 101
Business 101

Business 101

How To Start, Plan and Grow Your Lash Business in 6 Weeks
with 1 on 1 Private Business Coaching


Upon registration, we will contact you to book your mentoring sessions.
* Seats are limited. 


Still Not Convinced?

We are so confident that you will love our Business Coaching and that it will completely change your life and your business if you implement all the actions. In fact, we are offering you a 100% money back guarantee, if you are unhappy with the course upon completion.