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What our students had to say: 

Michelle N.

I would highly recommend Lialashpro to anyone! I started my lash career approx. 4 years ago starting with her Classic Extension course. Since then, I had also taken her Volume Extension course in a group setting. Lia is my mentor and now friend. I have grown so much as an artist, and truthfully,
I have a long way to go. But if it wasn't for Lia, I wouldn't have been this far in my career! When she says she'll be your
lifetime mentor,
it is no joke lol! If you are ever stuck or in need of help in your lash journey, just ASK LIA! She will undoubtedly help you in every way that she can. She is a veteran and a great educator! I can guarantee that her education system is made fool-proof, but remember, YOU need to be determined to learn and make the BEST out of it. If you have questions, ASK. If you need help with making a fan, ASK (she will wait and watch you perfect the fan before she helps other students, that's from experience). After your training, PRACTICE! She has a great foundation that sets you up for success- so why not make the best of it??? 

Jenny O.


Training with Lia has completely changed my life. I came across her page through Instagram back in 2016 and instantly fell in love with her work and loved how educational her posts were. I was a desperate student that needed to make a career change that would allow me to study full time in school. I actually ended up finishing school but continued to lash full time instead because it has become such a success for me thanks to Lia. As most students, I arrived extremely nervous but Lia made me felt welcomed the moment I stepped to her studio! She covered lash fundamentals that I still use to this very day. There was never a moment where I doubted her knowledge in lashes. Anytime I asked a question, she answered it promptly and completely. She’s inspiring, she’s patient, she’s real, she’s motivating, she’s supportive and most importantly, she believes in each and every single one of her students. If you ever have any doubts, she’ll remind you of your worth and how with practice, patience and consistency, you’ll be lashing like a pro in no time! I’ve recommended many friends looking to start their careers in the lash industry to train with Lia and they have all said the same thing. I will always continue to recommend her because she’s a true definition of a lash master.

Marleny V.


I would definitely recommend LiaLash Pro to anyone that’s looking to get trained in lash extensions.
I took her Classic Lash Extension Course a few years ago and I loved everything about my experience.
Her small class size allowed each of the students to get that one-on-one attention/help from her.
She shared all the knowledge that she had acquired in the lash industry throughout the years.
She covered everything I needed to know as a beginner so once the course was done I felt very confident to start lashing.

I loved her training so much that in February of this year I went back to learn Volume Lashing from her! Once again I was very happy with the experience.

She really cares about all her students and makes sure we grasp all the information she’s teaching us before moving on to the next topic.
Another thing I really liked is that we paid for a two day course, but we actually gained an educator for life as she provides ongoing support to all her students.
Thank you Lia for everything!

Anosiya I.


I was trained by lia’s this February on volume lashes and it’s easily one of the best investment I’ve made in this industry ! I Learned volume lashes from two separate technicians over the past three years while I worked at their establishment. I knew the basics but I didn’t feel confident in my work and felt there was so much more to learn. With lia’s training I didn’t only learn a new technique but also the confidence to create a beautiful set of volume lashes. What I really enjoyed about the training was lias ability to speak candidly about her journey and the industry. Lia has built an outstanding brand and business and you can’t go wrong with choosing to train with her ! I also LOVE her products 100/10

Becky H.


I took Lia's course over 4 years ago now. I knew absolutely nothing going in to it. She broke it down, so it was easy to understand.

l remember the exact words she used to teach me how to get the perfect placement and attachment, I still use/teach what she told me to this day.
You can clearly see she is passionate about what she does and she motivates you to want to practice to get better.

Even years after the course she will still answer any student questions i have! She is attentive to details, super sweet and very smart business women!

Nadine B.


I am certified for Classic Lashes, and I noticed a high demand for Volume Lashes among my clients.
I had been following Lialashpro, among others, on Instagram for over a year before deciding to take her Volume Course in 2018.This was ultimately the best decision I ever made! This totally changed my lash skills.
Lia is a very warm, enthusiastic, and caring instructor. I found her course to be quite accessible and easy to follow.
Lia is very patient with her students, and tries to be available anytime for ongoing support outside of her class. She clearly has pride in her work and knowledge and is very open with sharing these with everyone.

Natalia L.


3 years ago I was looking for a trainer to learn lash extensions art and came across Lia's page in Instagram. I was so amazed by her work, that I immediately messaged her about training. Lia is an amazing teacher, a lovely person and a very driven business woman. I learned both: classic and volume lash application techniques from her. She shared a lot of tips and tricks that allowed me to easily understand how to create a gorgeous lash set, start and grow my business. Her advices helped me to stick to my goals and be prepared for possible challenges. Training with Lialashpro was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Alexandra O.


Lia kick started my lash career 3 years ago when I was still in nursing school. She opened so many doors for me in the industry, such a sweet, patient and funny mentor! My lash career grew and i was able to make it my full time passion product because she was always there for support when i came across trouble shooting regarding clients, lash glue, retention, etc.. even after my training was over. Her techniques have taught me to strive for perfection - there is NO cutting corners with her and that is what you want: quality & quantity. I always recommend everyone who asks to go to her for training. I took both my CLASSIC & RUSSIAN VOLUME courses with her. 11/10 would recommend, you will not regret it! Love you lia!

Sadie M.


I finally decided to get trained in volumes in July of 2017, only because I was forced to by all my clients. I truly wasn’t interested in volumes. But I figured If I was going to do it, Lia was the only person I would consider being trained by. And I am so upset I didn’t do it sooner! Lia made it so easy to understand the technique and the hands on 1:1 right beside me while I got the hang of it is exactly what I needed. Constructive criticism as I went to avoid any bad habits, and wow. I truly wouldn’t be half the artist I am today, if it was not for Lia. Thank you so much for helping me grow as an artist and business owner.

Chelsey M.


For anyone interested in learning the volume technique I would 100% recommend going to see Lia. Volume lashes are very intimidating so you can imagine my anxiety going into a class; Lia made me feel so welcome and her attitude really helped me Her presence is so inviting and warm, and her professi onalism was also very reassuring. I really appreciated the time Lia took to come around to all of us individually and how she actually cared about our work. Don’t even hesitate - this woman knows what she is talking about! Give your business the kickstart it needs!

Danielle D.


Lialash training is the best training course I've ever taken. She is very detailed.She answered all the questions: how to start your business, and most of all, she has marketing, social media and branding. A lot of places don't have that in their curiculuum. They dont teach you how to market yourself, what things to look for, about your space, how it should look like, the safety hazard, etc. She gives scenarios of in case there are problems with your clients and how to handle them. I learned so much more from Lia than my previous training. She teaches you the difference between quality over quantity and adding more value. I highly recommend Lia's course. You get what you pay for!

Josie M.


Lia’s Training was amazing from start to finish. She is an expert at her craft.

Not only was she personable, she truly wanted me to succeed in the volume technique and did not hold back any knowledge or information, which says a lot.

I would recommend Lia’s training to anybody looking to start a career in the lash industry or to advance their skills in the volume technique. Thank you Lia!!! XO



There's so much knowledge to take in! Lia has such a way with words and teaching people and so much knowldge to give. I would not look anywhere else. Lia is the Go-To! She taught me everything that I needed to know, and more. It was amazing. I would recommend this course to everybody! You can really tell how much Lia has put into the course and her business. It was literally the best course and it changed my life.

Monai W.


Lia’s volume course taught me not only how to provide my clients with quality but is also changed my business for the better.

Booking with her was one of the best choices I’ve made.

Highly recommend!

Lynn N.


I'm so happy I invested in this course. Not only did she teach the fundamentals but showed us the small things that make a huge difference in creating a beautiful set.

Lia also took it beyond the skills and taught us how to market ourselves, and not being scared to charge what our skills are worth!


In this training you will learn how to do Classic Eyelash Extensions, by applying single extensions onto each natural lash.

Experienced in Classics and looking to add on a new service to the menu? Hop on the Volume bandwagon! In this training you will learn how to do Volume lashes by safely applying multiple extensions onto each natural lash, using 3D-5D fans.

Experienced in Volumes and looking to push yourself out of your comfort zone with an Advanced course? This training is for you! Learn more in depth techniques to further your skills to the next level in creating dramatic volumes.