Not your average lash training.

Level 2 - Volume Extension Course
Level 2 - Volume Extension Course

Level 2 - Volume Extension Course

Experienced in Classics and looking to add on a new service to the menu? Hop on the Volume bandwagon! In this training, you will learn how to do Volume lashes by safely applying multiple extensions onto each natural lash, using 3D-5D fans.


*All trainings are private training courses. We will contact you to book your sessions upon registration. You can start your training as soon as 1-2 weeks post registration.

Our training is broken down into 4 Components:

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Pre Training Prep

With pre-training prep, we give you the basic material to familiarize you with some of the basic fundamentals of lash world.

Duration: 2h

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Virtual Sessions

The 3 session virtual training allows you to soak up all the knowledge, without getting lost in the abundance of information. It will provide you the break you need in order to properly digest all of the information.
Best part: you get to record your training so you can always turn back for reference!

Duration: 3 x 2h sessions

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Practical Training

The practical part of the training allows you to put your knowledge to the test by working side by side with a pro to deliver outstanding results.
Plus, we provide the models for you!

Duration: 1 Day

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Post Training Mentorship

Studies have proven that you’re more likely to see results if someone is by your side to push you towards achieving your goals. We will give you all the resources you’ll need to start your business, saving you time and money along the way! And if you come across any bumps on the road, we're right there to help!

Duration: 3 x 1h sessions

Course outline


What are volume lashes Different types of volume sets Weight conversion 2-5D Fan making Hand made fans vs. Clusters Perfect fan Proper pickup How to gain speed without compromising your work Fan base and angle of application Square, pointy and needle base
Volume bases and angling of application Mastering inner corners Transitioning from classics to volumes Troubleshooting fans Contraindications Safety and infection control Disinfecting your tools Allergies and irritation Types of eyelash extensions Lengths, curls and diameters Proper attachment and direction control Adhesive 101: shelf life,storage, amount Retention
Eye shapes and styling Lash Mapping Cleansing lashes
Workplace set up Ergonomics Application times and frequency Consultation Step by step application Removing eyelash extensions...and MORE!!


How to get started Attracting your ideal clients Pricing strategies and discounts Client management Branding Business and mindset Social media Photo taking and editing... and SO much more!!

Why Do We Do This?

After training over 500 students, we’ve seen in all. This is a proven to work strategy which allows you to work at a slower pace, absorb knowledge better, hold you accountable towards achieving your goals and increase your chances of success.


Illustrated 100+
page manual 

$350 training kit
(aprox. 15 clients)

List of all of our favourite salon setup and supplies

3 x 1h mentorship calls post training

20% discount
on all of our products

15% discount
on all future LIALASH training 

Lifetime student support

Lunch and model provided


Have any questions or want to secure a training date?
Feel free to contact us below!


high student success rate 

Did you know that a lot of LIALASH students have quit their jobs to pursue full time lashing? Many of them have even become educators!
For more reviews, check out our Student Success page. .



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In this training you will learn how to do Classic Eyelash Extensions, by applying single extensions onto each natural lash.

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